Amaizz is currently developing the ‘Post-harvest processing station (PHPS)’, a processing station for farmers to increase the quality and quantity of multiple commodities and sell inputs for higher profits. The PHPS will consist of a commodity dryer, cold-storage unit, long-term storage silos, and a post-harvest kit. The PHPS is a cost-effective, comprehensive, and energy efficient solution for small farmers in developing countries.

The portable storage station is a modular storage unit designed for various commodities. The storage unit contains 15 chambers with the capacity of up to 2-tons each. Each unit can hold a super bag with or without a liner that protects the grains stored inside. The unit is equipped with a ladder for easy access for the operator. It is designed for long-term usage in harsh outdoor conditions.

Storage Solutions

Post-harvest Processing Station (PHPS)
Portable Storage Unit

Amaizz sells a variety of grain storage bags offered in various sizes.  The bags are suitable for storage of multiple commodities for prolonged periods without the risks of moisture ingress, insect infestation, and fungal growth. The bags are made from polypropylene and are incorporated with insecticide to protect against insects and other threats.

Grain Storage Bags