At Amaizz, we have extensive knowledge in designing, managing, and operating post-harvest turnkey projects.  Our projects are fit to provide solutions for both small and large-scale farmers.  

Turn-Key Projects 

Amaizz provides R&D services to clients in need of fast, reliable, and effective post-harvest solutions. Amaizz goal is to provide sustainable products and solutions that are impactful on the farmers livelihood.  

Post-Harvest R&D

Our knowledge and expertise in food loss and food waste provide our customers with cost-effective, timely, and comprehensive solutions to address post-harvest losses. Amaizz provides consulting services to businesses, organizations, and governments, to help minimize and address post-harvest losses and challenges.  

Post-Harvest Consultancy
Procurement Services

Amaizz offers tailormade procurement services to organizations and businesses providing them with the best possible solution for their post-harvest needs.  Our services help organizations to minimize time and costs.  

Amaizz provides expertise in post-harvest consulting, turnkey projects, procurement services, and research and development that address losses throughout the entire food supply chain. Our agricultural services provide solutions from individual farmers to large-scale organizations worldwide.