Amaizz is currently developing the ‘Tropical Grain Dryer’, a portable and adaptable solution designed to effectively dry maize and grains in highly humid tropical climates.  The dryer's construction consists of a solar-powered rotating tumbler unit that utilizes a portable stove and centrifugal fan to generate and circulate heat. This process of heat circulation ensures evenly dried maize, drying at an average rate or 2% per hour.  

The ‘Solar Commodity Dryer’ is an advanced modular drying and storage unit that operates on a 300-watt solar panel and is designed for various commodities. This dryer is available in sizes ranging from 5 to 30 tons and is suitable for both long and short-term storage and drying of multiple commodities.  The dryer requires no electrical power relying purely on solar energy to dry commodities making it an ideal dryer in the developing world.  

The electric powered ‘Commodity Dryer’ is an advanced modular drying and storage unit that operates on AC/Generator power.  The dryer is energy efficient and is built for long-lasting usage in harsh outdoor conditions.  The dryer is equipped with a pre-programmed algorithm that regulates ventilators to vaporize and expel humidity, protecting crops from fungi and aflatoxin growth.  

Drying Products

Electric Commodity Dryer 
Solar Commodity Dryer 
Tropical Grain Dryer

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