The oxygen absorber pack is a key tool to maintain product quality and extend the shelf life of agricultural commodities.

Oxygen Absorber Pack

A high-quality PVC drying sheet utilizing the sun for grains or cereals (available in various sizes).  

Sun Drying Sheets

Manufactured of quality stainless steel to enable easy cleaning and provide accurate measurements of a heavy use tolerant product.

Chemical Dispensers
Silica Gel Humidity Absorbing Bag

A highly effective solution for preventing pest infestation within a sealed bag, by denying them the oxygen crucial for survival.  Maintains optimal humidity levels of stored commodities.

Aflatoxin Test Kit

Rapid, one step test for qualitative and quantitative detection of Aflatoxin in animal feed and grains (wheat, wheat bran, corns, coconut, millet, flour).

Quick, accurate, and convenient way to measure moisture in grain substrates.

Grain Moisture Meter


Barley Thresher

Barley thresher is a purpose-built machine for the efficient shelling of wheat/barley and similar agricultural commodities. The high-quality machine is designed to minimize grain damage to maintain grade quality of commodities.

Maize thresher is an efficient solution for shelling maize.  The machine significantly reduces the time and labor required to shell maize.  

Maize Thresher