Aviram Tenenbaum – CEO & Co-Founder (MBA) Aviram comes from a financial background in investment banking and has extensive knowledge of business development, strategy, and finance. Aviram co-founded an agritech company, focused on new technologies in crop rotation cycles and gained expertise executing agricultural large-scale testing.  

Ido Batchko – COO & Co-Founder (MBA) Ido is a Geotechnology expert who is a former VC Analyst and startup mentor. Ido worked at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture as a GIS and remote sensing specialist where he gained unique expertise in agriculture technologies and experience in large-scale projects.

Nir Evron - Mechanical Engineer (MSc) Nir is a mechanical design engineer with extensive experience in agricultural and industrial automation.  Nir has participated and managed complex large-scale agricultural engineering projects.

Amaizz Story


In 2015, three forward-thinking, innovative entrepreneurs united motivated to create a sustainable impact that addresses needs in the developing world.  With our combined experience in agritech, we recognized an urgent need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the farming process within the developing world.  Together, we saw an opportunity to develop cost-effective farming solutions to meet market demand.  Later that year, our company Amaizz was born.

Today, Amaizz is developing a variety of products and services to meet the specific needs of drying, refrigeration, and storage that reduce food losses in grains, cereals, and horticulture. Amaizz has planned an on the ground pilot to take place early 2018 in India.  

Amaizz Team

Matan Hoffmann- Co-Founder

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