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50% reduction in food waste and food loss 

Amaizz is an agritech company dedicated to developing innovative products that drastically minimize losses caused by spoilage and degradation throughout the handling, storage, and processing stages. In 2016, Amaizz won the Israeli Grand Challenges Program and gained the support of the Israeli Chief Scientist for its innovative drying technology. Amaizz’s solution for post-harvest handling and storage save up to 50% of the losses caused by mishandling and depreciation and greatly improves production efficiency leading to higher quality produce.


Amaizz products and solutions are focused on a broad range of clients, mainly small and medium-scale farmers but also include commercial farmers, factories, and logistic centers. The most urgent need for farmers is comprehensive solutions in drying machines, cooling units, and storage facilities. Amaizz provides portable, durable, cost-effective and clean energy solutions that address the farmers needs.

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Roughly one-third of the food produced for human consumption globally is lost or wasted each year, amounting to 1.3 billion tons per year ($750 Billion USD).  In low-income countries, food is primarily lost during the early and middle stages of the food production supply chain. Major losses within the food supply chain occur during production, handling, processing, and distribution of food. The opportunity is to create and sell an affordable solution to minimize losses and save food.

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India Market Expansion

January 15


Amaizz is currently in India participating in the Israel-India Global Innovation summit in part of the “Bridge to Innovation” Challenge.  Amaizz was chosen out of 800 applicants to be a participant in this challenge and help to address and improve post-harvest losses for farmers in India.


Amaizz plans to expand into the Indian Market within the 2018 year.  With partnerships with key players and on the ground pilots, Amaizz hopes to make an impact on post-harvest food loss and food waste and provide solutions to improve Indian farmers livelihood.  


Cold Storage Refrigeration Unit

January 08


Amaizz is developing a new cold storage refrigeration unit to fulfill the need for lack of refrigeration of post-harvest commodities. Lack of refrigeration solutions plays a huge impact on food loss and food waste and we are proud to say that we have created a product that can contribute to solving this global issue. 

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